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  • concrete footings
  • base concrete slab
  • anti-radon hydro insolation
  • made of burnt cut brick blocks
  • reinforced concrete ring
  • made of burnt cut brick crossbars
  • krov dřevěný
  • waterproof insolation system Sikaplan
  • ceramic ceiling panels CZP
  • -gutters, downspouts and valleys made of copper
  • gypsum plaster KNAUF
  • insulation system: STOMIX
  • thin plaster
  • wooden euro-windows with thermally insulating triple glass
  • external copper sheets

The owners of these houses will be enjoying all of the benefits of a functioning infrastructure joined with a pleasant, green environment.
Standards supplied by the client's wishes and requirements
  • internal doors
  • pavement
  • interior tiles
  • water Batteries
  • floor coverings

  • wooden doors including frames, glass
  • Deluxe white primer
  • copper wires concealed
  • according to the technical description (can be changed according to client's requirements)
  • galvanized receivers, leads and grounding
  • phone - equipped with terminal box
  • television - equipped with terminal box
  • bell - at the front door
  • plastic piping
  • hydrometric system in the garage
  • PVC pipe tubes
  • gas boiler, radiators, under floor heat exchangers
  • possibility of independent electric under floor heating in the bathroom and toilet
  • outdoor paving
  • outdoor terraces made of tropical wood Bangkirai